BornxRaised and RETROSUPERFUTURE Unite to Celebrate Angeleno Culture

BornxRaised‘s collaborative efforts are always deeply personal, rarely taking cues from anything outside of the Venice Beach-adjoining community the label has built around itself. albeit a tenuous Venice connection could also be the sole clear throughline between the Californian Cheap Oakley Sunglasses brand and Italian eyewear experts RETROSUPERFUTURE, the resulting product remains steeped in BornxRaised founder Spanto’s heritage, channeling memories of summers by the beach.

Repurposing RETROSUPERFUTURE’s Roma model, three handcrafted silhouettes take cues from the affordable sunglasses sold by boardwalk vendors. These new designs feature a thick black frame emblazoned with wire and colorful red, blue or yellow lenses with a subtle turtoiseshell frame pattern elevating the yellow-tinged pair. A monochrome T-shirt set accompanies the eyewear and sports an equivalent Old English typface slogan on its rear — “I’D RATHER GO BLIND” — alongside stylized co-branding.

“When we were teenagers we wont to walk to the boardwalk and devour these glasses called boardwalk specials – they cost about 15 bucks and lasted a few days,” BornxRaised founder Spanto explained on Instagram. “When we spoke to RETROSUPERFUTURE about inspiration behind the glasses in fact I chose the Venice boardwalk – but we made these in Italy, they’re heavy duty and can last you a lifetime – numerous memories, such a lot nostalgia – endless summers at dusk thereon boardwalk.”