HD Vision Special Ops Sunglasses Reviews

HD Vision Special Ops are shades that help improve clarity and color while reducing glare. Do they work? this is often our HD Vision Special Ops review.
About HD Vision Special Ops

HD Vision Special Ops is Cheap oakley sunglasses promoted as a group of”strategic” sunglasses offering enhanced clarity whilst offering lens lenses. The official site is hdspecialops.com, employing a registration date of June 2017. The screen capture below was shot of this item site in September 2017.
Claims & Features

Heightens colors, contrast, and clearness
Decreases glare without dimming perspective
Blocks UV rays
Resists scratching
Optimal for a spread of activities


There’s a compulsory double supply when purchasing HD Vision Special Ops. It comes with the HD Vision Night Ops. the gathering costs $19.99 + $4.99 P&H to urge a complete of $24.98. within the time of this writing, HD Vision Special Ops isn’t available in shops.
HD Vision Special Ops Review

This item unites Tac Glasses, Red Alter XT Black Ops, and Fight Vision (formerly called”Sniper Vision”) within this fast-growing market of As Seen on TV tactical shades. Not only do these four items share similar designs, but their advertisements look synonymous.

What exactly makes HD Vision Special Ops stick out above normal polarized sunglasses? that’s a difficult one to answer, since the gaps are minimal. i’m unsure there’s any discernible gap between the lenses inside this solution also because the first HD Vision Glasses, apart from the form . the primary HD Glasses were originally promoted as a pair of day-night eyeglasses, so what’s being promoted immediately seems like a re-packaged HD Vision Glasses with fresh frames to leap onto the”strategic” bandwagon.

Nevertheless, in comparing those shades to a different strategic eyeglasses in my arsenal (Red Shift XT and Tac Glasses), I’d select these over the opposite because the amber-tinted lenses tend to be more gratifying to seem through, and therefore the layout isn’t quite as bad as others. Tac Glasses includes a kind of bug-like appearance while Red Alter XT appears more like safety goggles, so thus I’d pick them over the opposite equally for function and elegance . They likely wouldn’t be my first selection of sunglasses, nevertheless.

I don’t have any doubt that a group of polarized lenses can improve clarity and reduce warmth, so if you choose them up, i’m sure they’ll work well for you. i might also expect the exact same effects with the thousands of additional polarized sunglasses on the market. The bendable frames are an exquisite touch, but not always persuasive enough to make these stand above the fray.

If it had been me, i might pay a visit to a sunglasses screen at an area shop and check out on all the polarized lenses to work out which looks best in my head. Now which you’re ready to locate HD Vision Special Ops in shops (I picked them up in Walmart for $14.88, but bear in mind you’ll locate them around the reading eyeglasses instead of this As Seen on TV segment ), I don’t feel they’re a terrible buy. they could not be deserve a couple of of their advertising hype, but they’re certainly an OK set of plastic sunglasses.
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