Selena Gomez looks very classy with sunglasses!

Selena Gomez posted a photograph which will delight her fans! The girl approaches an aesthetic look together with her sunglasses.

Selena Gomez is quite ever in turmoil. While the girl may be a hit together with her latest album, she must attend court.

Indeed, the beautiful brunette has just filed a complaint against Clothes Forever – Styling Game, a styling game on iOS. Indeed, Selena Gomez accuses the sport of getting used her image without her consent.

As a result, Justin Bieber’s ex claims damages. Selena Gomez didn’t just like the idea and, above all, that some people made money from her picture behind her back.

While justice is doing its job, Selena Gomez takes it easy on Instagram. Yesterday, the beautiful brunette posted a snapshot that sparked many reactions.

The popstar wears classy sunglasses which will delight her. Posted in his Instagram story, the photo is really taken from his latest clip, Boyfriend.

The clip, released every week ago, broke a record number of views when it had been released. Highly awaited by her fans, the clip talks about Selena Gomez’s boyfriends.

In the video clip, the beautiful brunette looks sexier than ever. She goes on a date with different boys, but she complains that she never comes across the proper one.

But, because of a magic flask, Selena has the likelihood of remodeling all those she doesn’t like into an adorable toad. Single, the girl said on Instagram to not be trying to find a person in her life.